Where is the best place in London to start a business?

From West London to Tech City, Discover the perfect all-inclusive guide for entrepreneurs wanting to jumpstart a business in the capital…

Following our successful index on the UK’s best startup locations outside of London, we come to London. With London’s reputation as being one of the world’s top capitals, it calls for its individual index.

A haven for roughly 400,000 micro-businesses and startups, London is a popular startup destination for numerous new businesses. Whilst lots of start-ups may have learned about the term Tech City granted its disproportionate range, it’s not only about the Shore ditch hub which is the reason we’ve investigated thoroughly to provide you with an in-depth evaluation.

Divided into seven sub-regions; City of London, West London, South London, Central London, East London, North London and City, we’ve inspected and analysed every single region to offer you an exact representation of the start-up support and activity available across London.


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As opposed to the Startup Cities Index 2014, in our London index we’ve decided to not rank the sub-regions. Every single region features an array of business support and start-up activity making it challenging to judge with regards to rating the best locations. Having said that, we have classified the London spots which are more focused to new businesses in a particular industry; as an example financial technology start-ups are encouraged to locate in the City of London whilst creative start-ups bear the perspective to flourish in Central and West London.

To provide a greater comprehension of precisely what London can offer start-ups, we’ve likewise collected relevant stats from every one of the 32 (plus the City of London) boroughs to observe the way each borough stacks up in its support for small business.

Integrating information from NOMIS, Metropolitan Police, Land Registry, the Office of National Statistics and an array of other valuable research resources, we’ve pulled together info about the primary regions of starting a small business in London from sourcing expertise to locating business office sites, the cost of living as well as the ideal eating places for a client meeting.

In exploring London’s diversified startup life, we’ve discovered quite a few intriguing facts and numbers in the capital’s small business activity. This consists of stats which demonstrate:

In the index you’ll furthermore find info on a cross-section of sectors and businesses in London. Although London bears a reputation as a front runner for innovation with, we’ve explored beyond the finance industry. From the perfect locations to startup a creative to sub-regions for production and manufacturing businesses, we’ve thought of it all.

We’ve added info about networking events, business libraries, support resources, average house prices and local and cultural attractions as a way to provide a complete 360 perspective of the location.

So, regardless of whether you’re aiming to startup in London or planning to relocate to London, this guide will hopefully provide you with an understanding when it comes to the place where you should startup in the capital.

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