4 Barber Destinations in London to make you Look Fab

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To make you look perfectly in terms of your style and grooming, you need to get the best haircut, a beard trim, shave and other services to make it even possible. We even recommend getting professionally groomed, such as pedicures and treatments from Silky Smooth Beauty, they’re a fantastic Beauty Salon. Of course, in doing so, you need the most trustworthy barber to do that. At this present day and age, there are over thousands of barber stations offering haircut and beard solutions. This article brings to you the five best barbers in London that you have to checkout. Below is the comprehensive list which would guide you in the process of selecting the barber which would suit your preference and needs.

Drakes of London

Based in Fulham, Drakes of London are the premier male grooming barbers and always my first choice when in the area. Their opening times are superb and always handy after a long day at work.


They are very known to bring good service to all people. This is one of the most elegant and laid-back grooming space you can find in London. They have good staff that caters you well. You can talk about what you want whether a certain trim of beard a completely different look. With their expertise and experience, they will make you look good according to your preference. You will also enjoy the very relaxed ambiance of their station—bright, spacious and busy-free environment. In addition to this, Ruffians offer you their signature line of products to support your grooming necessities in the future. Their services and products are extremely competitive in terms of price. So if you feel like indulging in what they are offering, then you can check out their branches; there is one near Covent Garden and the other outlet in Marylebone.


Pankhurst is just located in Newburgh Street. This is a place where you can get stylish and grooming services which will make you look good and feel good. Many clients have been enjoying the services they provide because they offer you the best hairdressing experience like no other. In addition to this, they bring you exclusively their own creative and stylishly packaged products. Now, what makes the clients come back every time are the reception and amenities they have installed inside their station. They set-up a Johnny Walker basement bar where you can enjoy a sip of Gold Label. They have also installed a Lavazza machine for a more enjoyable stay in Pankhurst.

The Refinery

The refinery have this great dedication to the art of barbering which is why they are very committed in giving their customers advises, consultations so that they can perform the best haircut that you need. They have two exclusive grooming sites which are located in Mayfair and Harrods. The Refinery offers their services such as full-blown spa treatment, beard shaving and trimming, facial detox to balance male skin, soothing massages, male manicures and many others. The good thing about this must checked out grooming destination is they offer more than just your barber needs but also good music and accommodation.

Ted’s Grooming Room

The most eccentric touches and shaving approach are only experienced in Ted’s Grooming Room. They bring you the most straightforward and amazing art of barbering. You could give a fine Turkish shave, trim and a complete haircut transformation. Visit anytime because they do not have a no-appointment policy.

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