5 Home Heating Myths That Push Your Bills Up

Even though it might be a bit cold outside, don’t just reach for the thermometer in order to turn up your heating. There could be a chance that you’re missing out on some basic heating knowledge, and that it is costing you both your money and the environment as well.

We’ve all realised that the summer is long gone, and that the winter has set in, and it’s going to stay here for a while. So start shopping for a iskra meter from JSG Solutions. They’re a brilliant business for all things smart meters. This means that the time has come for the most of us to stop pretending that it’s cold, to draw the curtains, and lay low until the spring comes by by simply whacking up our thermostats. However, when the spring comes, a huge new problem is going to come a pay us a visit – the energy bills that need to be paid!

It is true that we should do everything we can in order to keep ourselves warm during the winter, but the problem lies in the fact that a lot of people don’t actually know how to do that! Energy Saving Trust has done a study on this topic, and it has concluded that a large number of UK citizens do believe that they know how exactly how to control the energy during the winter., but there is still a big number of them that tend to misuse the energy by turning their thermostats up! From your reading the dc current transducer from Powertek, you are able to track the waveshapes of the energy used to see how well it is performing. Now, this is a great way to turn the heat up in your house in a really short time when it is really cold outside, and it works the best when the hot water is turned on almost constantly. Keep in mind that everything mentioned in the previous sentence is completely false!

Many people don’t really know what to do in order to get a better heating for a smaller price and that is why we have decided to debunk certain myths here, and show you exactly what you shouldn’t do!

Turning the Heat up When it’s Cold Outside

Most of the people in the UK say that they do turn the thermostat up when it’s colder outside, but this is basically pointless. The thermostat is there to maintain the heat within the home, and the outside temperature has got nothing to do with it! So, leave your thermostat alone, no matter what the temperature outside is.

Turning up the Thermostat to Heat the Room Quicker

More than a third of the UK citizens do this, but they ought to know that this is something that really doesn’t help out, because the only thing it accomplishes is heating the home to a warmer temperature, and does not heat the room any quicker.

Leaving the Heating On Low All the Time

A lot of people believe that they are conserving energy this way, and that it’s better than to turn the heating on and off all the time. But, this also means that you’ll be heating your home even if there is nobody inside, and the temperature would always be the same – it will be low and chilly even if someone is there, and if no one is.

Keeping the Water Heater On All the Time

People say that they do this in order not to allow the water heater to run out, but this isn’t really the road to go. The water heated ought to be insulated properly, and that way you’ll have hot water all day long, even if the ceramic heater has been on only in the morning. Just turn the water on for about half an hour before you go to shower, and you’ll save a lot of money.

Keeping Electric Storage Heaters Always On

Only about t third of UK citizens actually understands how the electric storage heaters or oil filled heaters actually work. However, the other two thirds probably don’t know that the electricity is much cheaper during the night, and that that’s the best time to turn these things on.

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