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Top 5 Summer Schools in London

Summer schools are schools which can provide you with a little bit of fun and knowledge at the same time throughout the summer. The schools can be anything that matches your interests.

Your childs interests are very important to consider when it comes to school holidays. Summer schools are designed so that your child can take advantage of the holidays and learn something that will be advantageous. The summer time is the best time for children to experience something new and enjoyable. It will certainly be a summer to remember.

Oxford Summer Academy

The Oxford summer academy is best for the academics. The summer school is open for children aged 16-19. The university will give you a taste of the World’s most prestigious scenes. The activities are from the morning to the afternoon and will help the students to broaden up their mind. They will also gain knowledge in their respectively chosen field.

Camp Beaumont

The school that is known best by teens is the Camp Beaumont. The kids aged from 16-17 who want to gain some confidence should join it. The activities that are played are both in the land and in the water, so there is plenty of diversity. Information can be gathered from Westend stage.  The various types of water sports and activities are included in it.

Wickedly Wonderful

Wickedly Wonderful is best for the ones who love water. If you love water sports and fun then you can join the summer fun. The school is located in the West Sussex coast which is really very beautiful and a lot of fun can be done there.


If you are looking for an all around development for your child in the summer time then XUK in London is the best. Kids of age 3-17 can join the summer school.

Cambridge school for visual and performing arts

A various types of camps are there focussing on art, drama and sports. Cambridge schools for visual and performing arts is also the best for the drama performances.…

5 Reasons You Should Visit The South East

Sometimes it is nice to take a trip and just get away from things. Though most people would prefer to visit Caribbean countries and sit back and relax taking trips around your own country can be much more satisfying. Staying in your hometown can often make a country seem a lot smaller but once you take the time to discover it you realise what you have taken for granted. The South East alone has so much to offer that everyone should experience at least once and if you don’t believe me read on and see exactly what you’re missing out on.


The South East of England is known for its countryside, which is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. Not only is the air a lot cleaner which is surprisingly refreshing if you’ve been stuck in the city but the whole idea of the countryside being isolated provides you with a sense of serenity that will relax you in an instant. The idyllic homes that can be found within the countryside as well as the scenic views will make you never want to leave and since it’s the 3rd largest region of England you may never have to.National-Trust-Walks-Devils-Dyke-South-Downs-East-Sussex-


South East England is close to continental Europe and is therefore often influenced by continental weather conditions. This often comprises of cold spells during winter and humid hot weather in the summer. Though this may sound disappointing the weather of South East England is often dormant in comparison to other regions.4-seasons-1-tree


Visiting the South East of England couldn’t be any easier with their great transport links. There are numerous main roads that you can follow as your transport route including: the M1 through Buckinghamshire; the M40 running through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire; the M4 running through Berkshire and Buckinghamshire; the M2 motorway and the A2 and M20 that runs through Kent; the M23 running through West Sussex; the M3 running through Hampshire. Not only are these all-major transport routes but they also connect to the M25, which runs near to and occasionally through the region’s border with Greater London giving you easy access to the capital.road


You’d be glad to know that visiting South East England won’t break your bank. They have the second largest regional economy within the UK. With a flourishing economy business is better than ever meaning that the tourism scene is also flourishing, so without a doubt you’ll be thoroughly welcomed to the South East.economic-dev

Plenty To Do

You are guaranteed to never get bored whilst visiting the South East, as there are plenty of excursions set across the region. In particular the largest city that can be found in the South East is Brighton and with its impeccable nightlife you’ll definitely need to find some energy to stay awake.royal-pavilion