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The Fastest Supercars In The World

When we are talking about cars and their performance, speed is always a factor that comes to mind. The ability to actually drive supercars like these is every supercar fanatic’s dream, which can become a reality with Supercar Hire. These four-wheeled innovations are the great discovery of human engineering and having the adrenaline pumping throughout your veins is an indescribable feeling. Supercars such as the ones below always seem to look in prestine condition, as if they have just been repaired by Whoops Wheel Fix It, and thoroughly cleaned by only the best cleaning service.

In spite of the obvious dangers involved, people still look for the cars with high speed and put all their efforts to get their very own. Here are some of the world’s fastest cars. Keep in mind that you will need heavy pockets to buy any of these cars as these are also some of the most expensive cars in the world.

  1. KOENIGSEGG AGERA R – 273 MPH: Although it is not a very popular name in the world of supercars, it has managed well to create quite a good reputation over a very short period of time by beating the best supercars in the market. The Agera R model is a perfect example of the power and speed that blows away all other supercars with a top speed of over 273 mph which is faster than any other supercar you can find on the market today. This makes it the fastest car in the world currently.
  2. HENNESSEY VENOM GT – 270 MPH: The second place in the world’s fastest cars category is the Hennessey Venom GT, which is also a new name in the industry, but has been able to generate a buzz within a short period of time. The car is mainly based on a modified Lotus Exile technology and has a maximum speed of 270 mph. As a result, the vehicle will amaze anyone with a first glance, as it is purely a beast.
  3. BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT – 268 MPH: The Bugatti Veyron holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest supercar in the world for so many years and was the first car to exceed the 250 mph mark. But as it is facing a few technical difficulties, its title was taken over by the Koenigsegg. After that Bugatti launched its Super Sports model that has a max speed of 268 mph.
  4. 9FF GT9-R – 257 MPH: This supercar is built by the German tuning company, 9ff. The GT9 is a supercar based on the design of historic Porsche 911. In fact, the looks and exterior styling of the car is so much similar to the 911. The only differences are with the interior of the car and basic looks as compared to the Porsche. The car is generally faster than the original Bugatti Veyron model but in some way slower than the newly launched Super Sports model.
  5. SSC ULTIMATE AERO – 256 MPH: This car is produced by SSC North America. The SSC Ultimate Aero is a mid-engine sports car which won the title of the world’s fastest production car from Guinness World Records for 3 years till Bugatti introduced its Veyron Super Sports model.

When you are having any supercar it’s very important to keep it clean and do proper maintenance.  Auto Vault Storage is the name you can trust and should become very familiar with. They are the one-stop solution for all your vehicle maintenance-related issues.

4 Barber Destinations in London to make you Look Fab

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To make you look perfectly in terms of your style and grooming, you need to get the best haircut, a beard trim, shave and other services to make it even possible. We even recommend getting professionally groomed, such as pedicures and treatments from Silky Smooth Beauty, they’re a fantastic Beauty Salon. Of course, in doing so, you need the most trustworthy barber to do that. At this present day and age, there are over thousands of barber stations offering haircut and beard solutions. This article brings to you the five best barbers in London that you have to checkout. Below is the comprehensive list which would guide you in the process of selecting the barber which would suit your preference and needs.

Drakes of London

Based in Fulham, Drakes of London are the premier male grooming barbers and always my first choice when in the area. Their opening times are superb and always handy after a long day at work.


They are very known to bring good service to all people. This is one of the most elegant and laid-back grooming space you can find in London. They have good staff that caters you well. You can talk about what you want whether a certain trim of beard a completely different look. With their expertise and experience, they will make you look good according to your preference. You will also enjoy the very relaxed ambiance of their station—bright, spacious and busy-free environment. In addition to this, Ruffians offer you their signature line of products to support your grooming necessities in the future. Their services and products are extremely competitive in terms of price. So if you feel like indulging in what they are offering, then you can check out their branches; there is one near Covent Garden and the other outlet in Marylebone.


Pankhurst is just located in Newburgh Street. This is a place where you can get stylish and grooming services which will make you look good and feel good. Many clients have been enjoying the services they provide because they offer you the best hairdressing experience like no other. In addition to this, they bring you exclusively their own creative and stylishly packaged products. Now, what makes the clients come back every time are the reception and amenities they have installed inside their station. They set-up a Johnny Walker basement bar where you can enjoy a sip of Gold Label. They have also installed a Lavazza machine for a more enjoyable stay in Pankhurst.

The Refinery

The refinery have this great dedication to the art of barbering which is why they are very committed in giving their customers advises, consultations so that they can perform the best haircut that you need. They have two exclusive grooming sites which are located in Mayfair and Harrods. The Refinery offers their services such as full-blown spa treatment, beard shaving and trimming, facial detox to balance male skin, soothing massages, male manicures and many others. The good thing about this must checked out grooming destination is they offer more than just your barber needs but also good music and accommodation.

Ted’s Grooming Room

The most eccentric touches and shaving approach are only experienced in Ted’s Grooming Room. They bring you the most straightforward and amazing art of barbering. You could give a fine Turkish shave, trim and a complete haircut transformation. Visit anytime because they do not have a no-appointment policy.…

10 Guidelines for Improving Your Startup’s SEO

This post was written by Gareth Bull, one of the leading SEO consultant in the UK. He runs an award winning Digital Marketing Agency Bulldog Digital Media.

Keyword research

This is super important when it comes to optimising a website to be found by searched keywords within Google. There are many SEO tools that can even show you the level of competition for the most common keywords. That way you can optimise your campaign for the more effective keywords.

Link building

A link back to your site from pretty much any site will help boost your ranking. Simples.

As a startup, there’s thousands of startup sites that’ll take your site which will in turn – earn you a link 🙂

100 Startup Directory To Submit Your Startup

Deep linking

Not only should you strive for a lot of quality and relevant links linking to your site but they should also link throughout your site to different pages. It’s very beneficial to target specific pages with relevant links and vice versa. Deep linking will improve user experience and will boost rankings across the board.


Utilising a site map will not only enhance usability and navigation on your website, search engines can easily and proficiently analyse each page of your site. XML sitemaps are also another type of sitemap that search engines use, XML sitemaps are essentially a listing of all your sites pages along with the dates each page was last modified.

Content should be relevant

The site’s content has to be relevant to make sure the search engines understand what your site’s topic is about. Keyword stuffing is not recommended, but it’s important to get your keywords in the content atleast once. There’s thousands of guides out there for this, test what works for your site and industry.

Optimising meta tags

Optimising meta data are a great way to give search engines the right signals of what that page is actually about

Using alt tags for Images

Alt tags are helpful for solid Search engine optimisation (SEO), a higher search engine ranking is possible with relevant alt tags

Social media

Social Media is not exactly SEO, but it is a swiftly expanding element in increasing your websites traffic and visibility. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience and interact with them on a personal level.

Ensure domain name has keywords

Avoid overusing keywords or hyphens in your domain name too much, but it’s still a relevant signal to Google and other major search engines.

Use headings

The first thing visitors and search engines see is the title of the page. This is why it’s important you’re your page title to have atleast one or two keywords within it. Headings are essential and a must for good onpage SEO.…

Where is the best place in London to start a business?

From West London to Tech City, Discover the perfect all-inclusive guide for entrepreneurs wanting to jumpstart a business in the capital…

Following our successful index on the UK’s best startup locations outside of London, we come to London. With London’s reputation as being one of the world’s top capitals, it calls for its individual index.

A haven for roughly 400,000 micro-businesses and startups, London is a popular startup destination for numerous new businesses. Whilst lots of start-ups may have learned about the term Tech City granted its disproportionate range, it’s not only about the Shore ditch hub which is the reason we’ve investigated thoroughly to provide you with an in-depth evaluation.

Divided into seven sub-regions; City of London, West London, South London, Central London, East London, North London and City, we’ve inspected and analysed every single region to offer you an exact representation of the start-up support and activity available across London.


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As opposed to the Startup Cities Index 2014, in our London index we’ve decided to not rank the sub-regions. Every single region features an array of business support and start-up activity making it challenging to judge with regards to rating the best locations. Having said that, we have classified the London spots which are more focused to new businesses in a particular industry; as an example financial technology start-ups are encouraged to locate in the City of London whilst creative start-ups bear the perspective to flourish in Central and West London.

To provide a greater comprehension of precisely what London can offer start-ups, we’ve likewise collected relevant stats from every one of the 32 (plus the City of London) boroughs to observe the way each borough stacks up in its support for small business.

Integrating information from NOMIS, Metropolitan Police, Land Registry, the Office of National Statistics and an array of other valuable research resources, we’ve pulled together info about the primary regions of starting a small business in London from sourcing expertise to locating business office sites, the cost of living as well as the ideal eating places for a client meeting.

In exploring London’s diversified startup life, we’ve discovered quite a few intriguing facts and numbers in the capital’s small business activity. This consists of stats which demonstrate:

In the index you’ll furthermore find info on a cross-section of sectors and businesses in London. Although London bears a reputation as a front runner for innovation with, we’ve explored beyond the finance industry. From the perfect locations to startup a creative to sub-regions for production and manufacturing businesses, we’ve thought of it all.

We’ve added info about networking events, business libraries, support resources, average house prices and local and cultural attractions as a way to provide a complete 360 perspective of the location.

So, regardless of whether you’re aiming to startup in London or planning to relocate to London, this guide will hopefully provide you with an understanding when it comes to the place where you should startup in the capital.…